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Giving Your Student the Cultural Understanding Needed for a Successful US Education

An American education offers many advantages for Chinese students – a broad selection of institutions, cultural awareness, new approaches to learning and discovery, and better career prospects, to name just a few. But studying abroad also presents some unique challenges for international students. US institutions report that while most students arriving from China are academically well prepared for college, they frequently lack the familiarity with American language, culture, teaching style and social norms they need to confidently and successfully navigate US college life.

The USAcademy™ program helps Chinese students develop the skills to fully engage in and take advantage of all aspects of their American college experience.

USAcademy gives Chinese students direct, web-based access to video and text lessons about US culture and language, US college life, and everyday practical matters. USAcademy also provides a state of the art video service through which students can ask questions and get answers from college administrators, educators, and students who are already studying at US colleges.

Learning through USAcademy begins even before leaving home, so students can get a head start on preparing for US campus life. These students arrive more confident and better equipped to succeed. Once on campus, USAcademy lessons help them get settled and negotiate the challenges of a new and unfamiliar environment. And they can rely on the program for continued learning and practice throughout their college career.

USAcademy helps Chinese students develop skills and confidence in three areas that are crucial to academic success, employment and career development, and participating in mainstream American society:

  • Social skills – for engaging with American and other international students, participating in campus activities, preparing for job hunting, and merging into the general student population. US institutions report that, after language-related problems, the single biggest obstacle their Chinese students face is the “Chinatown Experience” – the tendency for Chinese students to cluster, avoiding social interactions outside their group of fellow Chinese students.
  • Cultural and academic fluency – While most Chinese students studying in the US meet their academic requirements, they often fail to benefit from cultural learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, and are at risk of falling into a category that educators have labeled “The Fluent Fool.” USAcademy students are able to learn from all aspects of US campus life, understand the relevance and cultural context of scholarly materials, and successfully navigate a new cultural and social environment.
  • Critical and creative thinking – To succeed in US colleges, Chinese students need to adapt to learning and teaching styles and classroom norms that are different from those in China. USAcademy helps Chinese students become comfortable with the American style of learning through class debate and discussion, independent analysis, and innovation, in contrast to teaching styles that stress memorization and test-centered instruction.

USAcademy is:

  • Comprehensive – Lesson sets cover college-specific information, US culture and language learning presented in textual, graphic, and video form.
  • Convenient – Your student can work at his own pace, accessing the website from his home country, US dorm, library, or coffee shop.
  • Interactive – Your student can submit questions and receive advice from adult and student mentors.
  • Ongoing – Your student can use “Before you go” lessons to prepare, “First weeks” lessons to get oriented, and “American culture” lessons to explore the new and interesting questions about American customs and society that arise during their US education.


For more information, contact us (see link above) or contact your local agent.

USAcademy is a service of CollegeNET, Inc., a leading developer of web-based administrative services for colleges and universities since 1977, in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Core Knowledge Foundation. 

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USAcademy includes lessons in:

  • College life (classroom participation, campus safety, college sports, academic ethics, etc.)
  • Language (thousands of common American idioms and proverbs)
  • American culture (social customs, driving, banking, American politics, and much more)