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About CollegeNET and USAcademy

Image About CollegeNET and USAcademy

About USAcademy

USAcademy fosters academic success and enriches the college experience for international students by helping them better understand US culture. Familiarity with US culture is critical for any student because it enables:

* richer social interactions
* better understanding in the classroom
* quicker assimilation of both scholarly materials and popular media

USAcademy helps students form the time they begin their college search, through the application and admissions process, and all the way to graduation. Students learn and practice at their convenience over the web, becoming familiar with idioms, history, geography, and other fundamentals of US culture.

About CollegeNET was founded in 2010, in response to the rapidly growing number of Chinese students seeking to study in the US, and the experiences of Chinese students new to studying abroad.

Our goal is to help simplify, smooth, and enrich the interchange of information between Chinese students and US colleges. Our web-based services make the application, admissions, and orientation process more efficient and successful for students and schools. We also offer an array of enrichment, educational, and networking services through membership in our video site and participation in our USAcademy™ program.

As a division of CollegeNET, Inc. – with its established relationships to US schools, and over 30 years of outstanding service to them (Testimonials) – is uniquely situated to facilitate this interchange. is a division of CollegeNET, Inc., which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

What is CollegeNET, Inc?

CollegeNET, Inc. is a world leader in providing web-based on-demand technologies to colleges, universities, and non-profits. We are engineers, technologists, designers, programmers, writers, and innovators – all dedicated to increasing the efficiency and simplifying the work of school and nonprofit administrators. We currently serve over 1300 higher education and non-profit institutions world-wide.

History of CollegeNET, Inc

CollegeNET, Inc. began serving the administrative automation needs of higher education in 1979 with the creation of Schedule25®, the first automated classroom scheduling program. We followed this breakthrough with the development of R25®, the first campus-wide class, event, space, and resource management system. CollegeNET became the first company to deliver a web-based graphical analysis tool for campus space planning, X25®. Building on these scheduling innovations, our engineers have most recently introduced 25Live®, an advanced web-based event scheduling and publishing system.

At the dawn of the web, CollegeNET, Inc. also became the first company to deliver administrative Software as a Service (SaaS) to higher education. Our multi-patented Intelligent Connections® web-based admissions system now transparently serves admissions forms and provides accompanying administrative support services for hundreds of major campuses around the world. Extending the SaaS theme, we have recently introduced the engaging What•Do•You•Think?® faculty and course evaluation system. What•Do•You•Think? regularly helps campuses set new records for student participation in course and faculty evaluations.

CollegeNET, Inc. is a major contributor to college students. We have distributed over $600,000 in scholarships through our groundbreaking scholarship election portal – the first site on the web to give students the power to decide who will win scholarship support.