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Why USAcademy?

USAcademy exists to make life easier and richer for international students - those coming to study in the US, and those in the US already. 

As the number of international students grows, the " integration"of those students into US culture - and campus culture - becomes more difficult.

Unfamiliarity with idiomatic English, lack of preparation for culture shock, and taboos against asking for help can mean that students form country-specific enclaves, and return home without having had a true study-abroad experience. At USAcademy, they can ASK and LEARN about many things: US culture, American English as it is actually spoken, the international student experience, and campus life. 

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Finding your way:

You can always use the "Back" button, or click on any of the "breadcrumbs" you will see under the USAcademy seal at the top of the page.  We've also put a link on every page to get you  Back to the Tour.  Pages you have visited will change from blue to gray, so you will know where you have been.

If you have a specific topic you would like to research, just type the key word(s) into the box on the upper righthand corner of every page next to the red SEARCH button. 

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Click here to see how USAcademy can help you prepare for life on a US campus, and some of the challenges that face international students in particular.

Click here to see how USAcademy can help you strengthen your knowledge of English as it is actually spoken in the US and on college campuses.

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